Tuesday, February 28, 2006

happy fat tuesday

Fake Penis Nuked in the Get-Go

I would like to go back to Hawaii now.

Monday, February 27, 2006

But I like big balls better.

Friday night I went to an event that felt a little like something out of a movie. It was Duck pin Bowling in an old-school alley with overhead projectors for the score instead of computers. There was a band called the Grandsons (rockabilly, honky-tonk, New Orleans and jump-blues) playing in front, on one of the bowling lanes, which lent the experience the movie-like quality I mentioned, the sort of general atmospheric coolness exceeded only by the magical moment when the band left their spot on the lane and traveled in a line around the entire bowling alley playing 'When the Saints...' with their trumpets and saxophones, nearly everyone in the alley trailing behind them in a long parade, dancing and spinning and singing along in the 'call and repeat' style common in southern churches and new orleans rockablilly. It was really something. Useless fact: kegling is not the same thing as kegeling!

Saturday on a whim V and I decided to go to a play we saw listed on the City Paper's events section. After getting a parking spot directly in front of the Everyman Theatre on Charles Street, we go in to purchase our tickets only to be told that they have been sold out for three weeks...BUT...2 people happened to have cancelled that day. Crazy! Luck? Karma? Who cares! It was a dark comedy called "The Cripple of Inishmaan." Pretty funny, irreverent, politically incorrect with its jokes about cripples and priests touching schoolchildren and trying to kill your elderly mother with alcohol- good stuff! Then we ate some Caribbean food at a joint across the street, really good red beans and rice, curried veggies, plantains, served by an adorable, small, toothless, cartoon character of a (jamaican? haitian?) man wearing shiny silver pants.

Fun weekend!

The women who read this will be disgusted. The men will prob scratch their heads and say, "I dunno, sounds pretty good to me...."

Friday, February 24, 2006

New parents-to-be are annoying

from an email I got today:

I may fall victim to this irritating breed of people. Oh, look, Junior's first spit-up! Isn't that precious?

Ok, actually, I'm not that bad, but I feel that I must share this photo with you, mainly because my offspring resembles Stripe from Gremlins. The pic on the left is a full head-on shot, which I think surprised it, and then you can see in the right frame it turns hostile and tries to eat your soul through the lens. That's m'boy!

I have included a stock photo of Stripe from Gremlins as reference material

Thursday, February 23, 2006

doodoo brown

Yesterday's Moment of Zen:
At Burger King, a tiny old decrepit man hands me a dollar and mumbles gruffly, " 'scuse me miss, could you buy me a small coffee?"
Confused I say, "uh...okaaaay..."
I order the small coffee- price, $1.19
I shuffle through my purse for .19 cents, carry the coffee to the gentleman who is now sitting in the back.
"Here you go" says I.
"They didn't have any cream?" says he.
"...." "i'll get you some."
I bring him some cream and sugar.
"They didn't have any spoons?"


News flash: Life's not fair.

Last night I saw a "Charles Theatre special", you know, the type of movie where they should be handing out Prozac (or razor blades?) with the ticket stubs! It was an excellent documentary called Boys of Baraka, which follows the lives of 4 Baltimore inner city kids who are given the opportunity to be sent to a boarding school in Africa, 20 miles from the nearest town, for 2 years prior to highschool.

The movie began with a shocking statistic:
In Baltimore, 76 percent of black males don't graduate from high school.

"I'm not an emotional person but even I will admit (along with everyone else in the theater) that I was choking back tears from the very first scene. The movie is hard to swallow, especially because the roughest parts take place only blocks away. "

Its more than heartbreaking; it is absolutely devastating, yet simultaneously uplifting, because you can see that there is hope in the hearts of even the 'worst cases,' hope for thier futures, if someone is willing to step in and give them the opportunities so many others have and take for granted.

How did we let it get this bad? This is America, land of opportunity, the wealthiest country. For a parent to say that their children are safer being in Africa during a civil war then in Baltimore city, and "Sending these boys back to Baltimore city schools is sending them to jail" is sobering in its truth.

When you see the conditions at school, their home lives, neighborhoods, they don't even have a chance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

we hates them

Fear of Girls: This is a riot.
Its kind of longish, 11 minutes, but if you are a slacker at work anyway, then its worth watching to the end.

"Have you ever been chased by the entire JV Football team simply because you chose to wear your cloak to school that day??"

The Importance of Careful Roomate Screening
Ok, this dude just LOOKS like he would kill you with a sledge hammer. So, when you forget to refill the toilet paper roll, are you really surprised by his reaction?
(He kind of looks like Danny Trejo...)

carpe diem

This was the weekend of "doing stuff I never thought I'd do."

I never thought I'd go to WWE Smackdown.
I learned: yep, It really is stupid, and has no redeeming value.
But, I'm still glad I did it because, now I can say I did!
Even stupid, silly experiences are experiences, and in this short life probably we should be maximizing our experiences. Kurt Vonnegut, in one of my favorite books (Cat's Cradle) says "Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God."

speaking of dancing lessons...

I never thought I'd willingly answer yes to this question:
"Would you like to dance?"
Saw an awesome Zydeco band, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Saturday night. They were really good. We showed up early for the dancing lesson, its basically a variation on the waltz and the two-step. I pretty much suck but it was fun! I didn't do that bad for a complete beginner. They decorated the place Mardi-gras style, there was face painting, people in costumes, etc. I was terrible, we had to switch partners during the lesson like 7th grade gym class, there were a few awkward moments, one guy spun me around so much I thought I might throw up, but generally it was FUN! $2 Yuenglings and a skilled and patient partner helped.

I never thought I'd run for 1.5 hrs
Probably almost 4 miles. I didn't do this on purpose. I lost my cellphone along the way, and had to backtrack

I never thought I'd give a lecture on the evils of drugs and drinking
On Monday I ran into an old high-school mate, Geoff Rye. We used to call him 'Geoff Fried' because, well he was fried even back then. He was working at Don Pablos. He kept saying, 'yep, I'm just living the Punk Rock life'
What the hell does that even mean?
Anyway, it was a great segue into a lesson for kids about why college is important, and just say no to drugs and excessive drinking!

Funny quote of the weekend:

"We catch squirrels in a cage, and drive them 5 miles away and release them."
"We live out in the country. Its reeeeeaaallly boring out there."


Friday, February 17, 2006


This Sunday I am going to do something I never dreamed I would do. I'm going to the WWE Smackdown: No Way Out at the 1st Mariner Arena. Not only that, but old school HULK HOGAN (Hollywood Hogan, which Shwagon informs me is his evil alter ego...) is going to be there, the wrestler of my youth, fighting with the Rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin will also be there.
Wrasslin' , wooohoooo! I am actually excited! Who'd-a-thunk-it?

UPDATE: I was wrong about Hulk & the Rock, it was the Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Rick Orton, special guest appearance by Batista. see photos from the smackdown here

Thursday, February 16, 2006

boring blog

24 fans


Terror stalks the streets of Hawaii (compare this to the crime reports in Baltimore!)


The best is my brother's valentines day story.
"I was invited over a neighbor's house that I had never hung out with before on Valentines day. He kept touching my leg, and insisted on walking me home. He gave me brand new cufflinks and expensive chocolates. Do you think he was hitting on me??"


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I hate valentines day

I hate valentines day.
Everyone is sad or lonely or stressed or dissapointed or feels bad, or defensive, or not good enough.
Why don't they just get rid of it!

Boyfriends should do romantic things for their girlfriends (and vice versa) without being compelled to do it by Hallmark Co.!

And, if couples get a holiday, shouldn't singles too?
It can be called, 'Free people day' and all couples have to buy a gift for their single friends.

They can make cards that say, 'Congratulations on being single. You never have to ask someone permission to go out, or base your self esteem on how much or how little someone does for you on valentines day. You can have sex with whoever you want. You never have to consider someone else's feelings. You rock, we envy you. '

How about that!

Monday, February 13, 2006

By popular demand....

Here is some advice for people struggling with what to buy their sig. other for VD. (I am speaking to the slackers, because in case you hadn't noticed, VDAY IS TOMORROW!

Disclaimer: In reality, girls are generally happy if thier man goes out of his way in any way, and while they may prefer a certain type of flower (read this, a man's guide to VDay), or a certain type of chocolate, they will still be happy you thought of them and did anything. I don't actually know any woman who would cry if she got a dozen roses, no matter how cliche. Its not that women are ungrateful, they just want to know you care about them enough to put forth some thought and effort, not just get them what you see in the front display of the gas station!

Best advice: I'd rather go on a trip or to an event and spend time with my honey then get even the biggest most expensive bouquet of flowers or the most rare hard to find box of chocolates. Just something to consider!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Philly adventure

So, instead of celebrating lame-ass, commercial, phony, forced, corny, cliche Valentines Day this year, V and I went away to Philly for the weekend. V got this awesome deal on priceline for a really nice hotel downtown right on Market Street and we split it as our gift to each other. Then he upgraded us to the 25th (top) floor. The view was nice, the bed had pillowtop mattress and seven thousand pillows, and a complimentary package with ear plugs, sleep mask, lavender linen spray, and a meditation CD to help you fall asleep.

Unfortunately, all of our plans were snowed out by the blizzard Saturday night! But, we did get to catch the Maryland game (V) and eat at a Chinese vegetarian kosher restaurant(me), yes hard to believe something like that exists, but true! We walked like a zillion blocks through the snow to get there. It was very pretty, big fat fluffy flakes you can catch on your tongue. City Hall in the snow at night in the glow of the street lights was amazing- it was an image straight out of Gotham City.

The crazy thing is, that very weekend, they were filming the new Rocky at the Philadelphia Museum of art (where the stairs from the first Rocky are)! You could be an extra! We didn't make it there, but anyway, why are they making this movie, is it going to be a comedy? Can he even make it up the stairs anymore? Who wants to see an old man get pummeled? Things that make you go...Hmmmmm......

This was cool: loud frightening tearing noises echoing between the buildings as giant ice and snow chunks detached themselves from the tops of the skyscrapers and plummeted down, down to the ground, the people below looking up into the sky in terror and running for cover, like some sort of B-disaster film! Awesome.

Sunday when we left, everything was closed so we didn't get to go to South Street and get cheese steak(V) or go to Mutters Museum of Medical Oddities(me), so I guess we will have to make a day trip when it warms up to get to do those things. But, it was so awesome of V to find stuff he knew I would dig like freaky museums and vegetarian restaurants!

In summary, while it wasn't a 'romantic music, massage by candlelight, flowers and fancy dinner' Valentines day, it was a 'relaxing, movies and room service and hanging out' weekend adventure where we got to spend a bunch of time together instead of just a couple of hours. And, I got a Vday heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a pair of earrings, so it wasn't totally the 'un-valentines day', (although I still would have liked a massage)!! I think it was way cooler, even with the weather disaster ruining everything!

(TV) Quote of the day: "Stop looking at my vuh-jay-jay!"

blaxploitation mixer

(thanks Jolene!)

Friday, February 10, 2006

when your office thinks you have VD

So, I was just in my office, about to walk out to go to the kitchen. On the way out, I ate one of Kevin's crab-flavored potato chips.
I was like, "yuck, tastes like crabs!"
As I was walking out of the door, I heard Kevin say, "how do you know what crabs taste like?"
And, obviously not thinking, I shouted back to him (and the whole rest of the office!):

"I had crabs before, once!"

Real f-ing great!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Do you like Beaver?

An email I got today:

the days of not working, staying home, having cocktails at noon and vacuuming wearing pearls...smoking was ok for you..no one dieted, every housewife ate valium...for all the bad things about this time there were good things too!

Demonic Tot Gallery

The 10 worst V-Day gifts…

By popular demand, here is some advice for people struggling with what to buy their sig. other for VD. (I am speaking to the slackers, because in case you hadn't noticed, VDAY IS TOMORROW!

The 10 worst V-Day gifts…
By Laura Gilbert

We know what you’re thinking: Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday. It’s forced. It’s too much pressure. But if you’re dating this month, you’ll probably wind up roaming the aisles for a gift to give your date on February 14th. And, “like it or not, Valentine’s Day becomes a test in which you have to show you’ve been paying attention to the other person’s taste,” says Christine Silvestri, founder of Urban Shopping Adventures, which gives tours of LA’s shopping districts.

But, choosing the right gift can be quite a challenge: Too many frazzled sweethearts reach into the Valentine’s void for gift ideas and come up with something that’s just plain wrong. To help you avoid joining their ranks, we present the ten worst presents possible—and what to give your sweetie instead.

  1. Ye olde bouquet of red roses and baby’s breath
    What’s wrong with it: Yes, you went out and got something nice and romantic. Unfortunately, certain types of flowers are the equivalent of a shrug because they are so predictable and clichéd... and the rose bouquet falls into this category quite neatly. Says Kristin, 40, of Lake Geneva, WI, “I was dating a guy who said he adored all my quirks and my adventurous spirit. Then he turned around and gave me a big bunch of roses with the lacy white stuff for Valentine’s. It was embarrassing, because I’m so not the kind of woman you give that to! It made me feel as if he didn’t really know me or get what I was all about.”
    Indeed, Frank Leusner, manager of Delphinium Home, a popular gift shop in New York City, says this of the classic red and white bouquet: “There’s absolutely no thought behind it. It’s a copout because it’s just so expected.” Obviously, a gift that says “I’ve never paid attention to your tastes” or “This would also work well on a tombstone” is not a Valentine’s Day message worth sending. Or, consider the way Brittney Cason, relationship advisor for Elevate magazine in Charlotte, NC, puts it: “A gift should never make a woman wonder if you picked it out at the pharmacy while waiting to get a prescription filled on the way over.”
    A simple solution: Ask one of your more florally-inclined friends to name a cool-looking bloom (think calla lily, parrot tulip, Gerbera daisy) and then buy three dozen of those. Or order up a monochromatic bouquet of various blooms in your honey’s favorite color—arrangements look especially striking when the flowers are all one shade.
  2. A box of assorted chocolates
    What’s wrong with it: “Taking candy from guys you know on Valentine’s Day is the only thing more risky than taking candy from strangers,” says Amy Borkowsky, author of Statements: True Tales of Life, Love, and Credit Card Bills. Let’s face it—not all chocolates are created equal. And while a variety pack of sweets shows that you’re trying to cover the bases, the dark (or milk or white) secret is that some of these morsels will be, well, icky. Do the math: Out of every box of 15 assorted chocolates, a woman will probably have three or so favorites. And there’s all that crazy, frou-frou wrapping as part of the picture—enough satin and ribbon to fashion a child’s princess-bride Halloween costume. So what would you rather get? Three chocolates you want and 21 you don't—along with a lot of excess red metallic cardboard? Or a small box of something you actually like? A simple solution: This is where a hefty dose of your sweetie’s favorite sweet can come in handy. “Get creative with your packaging or give it as a gift within a gift—who wouldn’t like that?!” says Silvestri. “If you’re dating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup gal, she’d rather have a bag of those in a nice hand-painted bowl or wrapped in a soft scarf than a lifetime supply of random chocolates in a heart-shaped box.”
  3. Jewelry in a ring-sized box
    What’s wrong with it: In truth, most women love something glittery. But the biggest jewelry mistake a man can make is anything in a ring-size box — be it earrings, a pendant, or a one-ounce tube of saffron — that’s not, in fact, an engagement ring. Women know there are five key probable proposal days (namely, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, and her birthday), so giving her false hope on one of them is cruel. “When a girl sees that box, she’s either going to freak out because she’s not ready or hope that it is ‘The’ ring and then be disappointed, so it’s lose-lose,” says Cason. A simple solution: Even if you do get her, say, pink-sapphire earrings — which we’re sure she’ll love — wrap them in a shirt box just so she doesn’t get the wrong idea.
  4. Something girlie and decorative like a sachet, a candle holder, a silver wishing stone…
    What’s wrong with it: We’re talking about things like rhinestone-studded soap dishes, elaborate aromatherapy dispensing devices, and other stuff people would never buy for themselves. “Anything red and pink and cutesy often winds up being kind of cheap and useless when you look at it on February 15th—the luster is gone,” says Borkowsky. “And any solid red trinket risks saying, ‘I love you—just enough to get you Christmas stuff at 75 percent off.’” Recalls Adrienne, 35, of Cincinnati, “My boyfriend tends to get me things like little heart-shaped pink-velvet pincushions or a wreath of red-satin hearts for Valentine’s Day, because he thinks that’s in keeping with the theme of the day. I wish I could tell him to stop wasting his money this way. I never use that stuff!” So before plunking down your dough, ask yourself, “Do I see this gift bringing my date pleasure and enjoyment... or do I see it winding up in his or her guest room?” The answer ought to make your purchase decision very clear. A simple solution: “Bath products are a great choice,” says Leusner. “You can find scents and formulas that suit your boyfriend or girlfriend’s personality, and most people really enjoy using them.”
  5. A cute stuffed animal bearing a message of love
    What’s wrong with it: We’ve never heard anyone admit to expressing themselves best through plush koalas, yet that medium remains popular for many a romantic utterance. “It’s so cheesy,” says Leusner. “When you buy that gift, it could be for anyone—even a child. What’s an adult going to do with a stuffed animal?” We’ll tell you what: Stuffed animals get tucked somewhere out-of-the-way. And when the romance dies, the Stuffed Bear of Love serves no practical purpose, so the recipient feels pathetic keeping it around as a reminder of her ex (that’s you) and donates it to a children’s charity. A simple solution: Cut out the middlebear, er, middleman, and make a donation in your honey’s name to a charity you think he or she respects. Now that’s a thoughtful gift.
  6. Racy lingerie
    What’s wrong with it: Look, we all know that when you buy someone underwear, it’s more for you than for her. So don’t use Valentine’s Day as your excuse to present all the secret fantasies you’ve been keeping hidden away for the last 364 days. “A lot of the lingerie you see in stores for Valentine’s Day is opposite of women’s tastes,” warns Silvestri. Something that’s not her style can make her feel uncomfortable (figuratively and literally)—and criticized. The point of V-Day is to make couples feel happy about being together, so the last thing you want to say is “I don’t think you’re sexy enough—put this on.” A simple solution: Buy a black or lacy version of a type of undie she already wears, if you two are intimate enough to know that kind of thing. At least you know you’re somewhere within her lingerie comfort zone. Or acknowledge the weather outside with something that will actually caress her skin for more hours than you: Long silk underwear.
  7. Anything that could be considered a small appliance
    What’s wrong with it: A toaster, a humidifier, a yogurt-maker: Trust us, if she needed it so badly, she’d have gotten it already. “Being too practical is a real romance-killer—no one wants anything with an electrical cord for Valentine’s Day,” says Silvestri. (Disclaimer: This rule can be waived if you’re buying an mp3 player or pre-loading a digital camera with shots of yourself holding up signs that say “Will you marry me?”). Here’s how one recipient puts it: “My boyfriend knows I love to cook, especially Asian food. But when I unwrapped a rice cooker last Valentine’s Day,” says Amy, 39, of Portland, ME, “it just felt very room-mate or haus-frau-ish... as if he didn’t see me as this amazing woman who rocks his world.” A simple solution: Get her something she absolutely does not need but that you know she’d love, whether it’s a helicopter tour of the city or a pair of microfiber massaging slippers. C’mon, it’s a day for romance, which is supposed to be fun—think about her definition of that and shop accordingly.
  8. A nice bottle of cologne or perfume
    What’s wrong with it: It’s a time-honored gift, and all that fancy packaging might actually make you think you’re buying something your pumpkin will love. But the same spritz that reminds you of a splendid beach holiday in Europe may smell like bath day at the zoo to your beloved. Problem is, “Perfume choice is so specific that it’s a real challenge,” says Leusner. “It’s almost impossible to know what smells good to another person.” And let us not forget that nothing says “You smell weird” better than a bottle of concentrated fragrance. Recalls Danielle, 29, of Oakbrook, IL: “I like really feminine floral perfumes. When my boyfriend gave me this intense, musky stuff one year, I felt like, ‘Do you not know how I like to smell? or are you trying to tell me you wished I smelled like someone else?’ It really did a number on my confidence!” A simple solution: Buy a soap, aftershave, or other body product in a fragrance that your loved one already has, or go for a high-end unscented body lotion.
  9. A tie
    What’s wrong with it: “Women actually have a harder time than men shopping at Valentine’s Day, because there are fewer gift options for men than for women,” says Silvestri. “Still, a tie is a big yawn.” It’s amazing how many women complain about generic gifts and then hit the tie aisle for their man. At best, the tie is by a great designer—which the guy likely won’t care about. At worst, it’s a novelty accessory featuring pigs, the Blues Brothers, or some other unwearable shtick. But usually, it’s just “about” the color the guy usually wears, meaning he already owns a dozen of ’em. A simple solution: Head a little further into the menswear section and pick out a great scarf instead—it’s more casual and therefore more wearable; some fun or extra-soft (cashmere, maybe) socks; or another item that shows a dash more originality.
  10. A gift certificate
    What’s wrong with it: It’s one thing to not know exactly what your cutie might want, but it’s another to throw in the towel entirely. “Gift cards are too impersonal and disappointing,” says Borkowsky. “There’s no actual gift, yet you know how much someone spent. It’s like saying, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, honey—I got you a price tag!’” Any gift for a service or store your partner doesn’t already frequent could be read as your attempt to change the person to your pleasing. A simple solution: Take the money, re-read our suggestions above, and give gift-giving your best shot. Or, to earn bonus points, call your honey’s best pal and ask what to get—that will make a great impression on many levels.

Here's another guide, also good

A man's point of view

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

bored? read this

Weirdest headline ever?

or is THIS?

This one is kind of weird but not as...

Ok, this might not be the weirdest- but a great valentines day gift idea?

This article is for Ariella

and this is for Angie, because it reminds me of her high school fantasy about Mr. Woodward!!
You can play with this for hours. Its my valentines present to any unhappy chicks, whether you are single or in a relationship :)

Don't see the weather man!

Quotes of the day:
"You're the only vegetarian friend I have that will go to a steak house with me."
(hostess:)"Oh, don't worry, we have a lot of vegetarian options!"
(hostess:)"oh...uh, I hope so, I really have no idea..."

To waitress:
"are you married?"
waitress: "no... not yet, why"
"don't do it! don't ever do it."
"...please don't tell me this is your wife sitting here with you!"
"no, its my mistress. I love her. My wife is at home!"

Advice of the day:
If you haven't seen 'Weather Man," don't! Its depressing, and you think it will be formulaic and his life will get better in the end... and, it does, but just barely, not enough to become less depressing though! The sage advice given in the movie, by Michael Cane: In this shit life, you have to chuck things.
But if you *are* going to see it, I recommend doing it at Mo's house, because at some point Jolene will pop out to make an appearance, bring you wine and a selection of fancy cheeses, Gruyere (too strong) and Camembert (yummm) and something with sage in it, and rosemary crackers. I am totally guessing about those cheese name spellings! Thank goodness they were in spell check!

This movie is visually arresting, I have no idea what the plot is but I so am going to have to see it, just for artsake. watch the trailer!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Have you ever

Have you ever been in a bar, and had a random guy walk up to you and say, 'Hi. In case you were planning on hitting on me some time tonight, I just wanted to let you know in advance, I'm not interested.'

Even though you probably weren't even considering hitting on that guy, maybe never even noticed him, thats still a pretty big dis!

That didn't actually happen to me, just something that felt kind of like that!

Anyway, the superbowl was fun, monica me and the kids at V's house with veg. buffalo wings and pizza. I liked the commercial where the guy goes, 'my phone has a security system. Try to take my wallet.' then beans the guy in the face with the cellphone. Why is violence funny? I can't stand Tom and Jerry... wack.

Friday, February 03, 2006

So, yesterday Cody and I went to the gym, then afterwards jetted over to the Safeway for a late-night snack run for mangos, oranges, and raspberries. We walk in and the security guard follows us, heading straight for us. He says to me, 'Is this your son?'
I say, '....Yes....'
He says, 'This is one cool little dude. Seriously. He is really a cool little dude. He comes in here every day with his friends, and is so polite and respectful and well-behaved. I mean it, this is one great kid.'

wow, how often does that happen?!
Kudos to that guy for positive reinforcement.
Kind of reminds me of the time V was buying his laptop from Best Buy and pressed the guy until he went the extra mile to not only get a manager to sign off on selling the laptop at the same sale price offered at Circuit City, but to track down a store that had one and call and have them hold it for him. So, in return, V went the extra mile and found that guys manager and gave him the positive feedback he deserved. That's the way to do it, always positive feedback.

He may not be perfect, but wow, what a great kid! I luvs him so much. :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

i totally want to go to this! even though it is in Tennessee in the summer....

My favorite band of all time is headlining, plus at least 8 other bands that I really like playing there.

Here's a short list of some of the bands featured:

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Phil Lesh & Friends
Elvis Costello & the Imposters
Bonnie Raitt
Death Cab for Cutie
Bright Eyes
The Neville Brothers
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Buddy Guy
Damian Marley
G. Love & Special Sauce