Thursday, July 26, 2007

Visiting with my skinny friend

My stupid skinny friend came to visit just to make me feel fat and out of shape. Just kidding --but thats what happened. She's really doing a great job of running regularly and all of the stuff I am struggling to do even extremely irregularly! Thank god for tennis with V or it would be really bad. I just have to decide I'm doing it and DO IT but I feel so lazy lately!

We had some good "girl chat" but it sucks having to compress it all into a couple of hours. Maybe she'll move back !! But not anytime soon.

Its soooo weird having these teenage kids now. Cody was thrilled to finally be taller then Michelle and I think they've all come to look forward to our yearly or bi-yearly get-togethers. Instead of bickering non-stop, now they are suddenly having meaningful discussions and being super-polite and accomodating. (tee hee)

After talking about her marriage, it seems like maybe it was a bad fit from the beginning but they just tried to make it work anyway having already made the commitment. But, 2 kids and 7 years later, things sure get messy. And sadly for me, she probably can't move away from SC ever, or at least until her youngest turns 18! By then we'll be OLLLLD (er) Anyway, its always fun to hang out with her and I wish circumstances were different.

Man do I look tan!!


Recently I had an argument with my mother over the fact that she doesn't want dogs in her house (which is fine) so when I am visiting I tie my dog outside (which is fine). I also have gotten a stern warning never to ask for dogsitting from them. Which is fine. However, last time when I was invited to dinner and tied the dog outside, I came in to find my sisters' boyfriend's dog, inside the house, sans my sister or her boyfriend. I couldn't help saying something, I guess I'm still not completely mature or something, but of course it resulted in an argument. Blah. I'm just usually a pretty logical person and there's no logic to this!

Anyway, when talking about it over the phone later, I tried to apologize while still maintaining that I have a right to feel upset and like there is some favoritism going on here, when I get accused for causing everything bad that my sister has ever done in her life. Is it my fault? Who knows, I mean i did cause an uproar in her childhood by running away from home for a year when I was 16, I'm sure that had some effects on her. But to be held completely responsible just doesnt seem fair (aside from the fact that I was 16 when I made those choices!) And doesn't the last 15 yrs of being a good sister somewhat make up for one year of selfishness? I guess not.

And who are we pointing the finger at to explain the mess I made of my teenage years.... hmmmm?

Finger pointing is useless anyway, hurtful without being productive.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ok ok, due to major photo slacking, I will be releasing the photos from my trip to san Diego despite the noted absence of the ocean kayaking photos due to some major photo distribution slacking issues BRAD! In addition, some outdated photos from our trip to the outer banks and St. Pete's Beach.

San Diego

Outer Banks

3 photos from St. Pete's Beach, FL


Cool! Well, maybe....

AGD Interactive is remaking this old RPG I used to play when I was a little kid. It was so cool (at the time) ! My bro & I would play for hours and hours trying to figure out the puzzles and what to do next. You actually had to type in your end of the conversations, and think of the right questions to ask each character in order to get the information you needed to go forward in the game. Maybe now it will seem lame, and will I ever find time or interest in playing a computer game again? who knows. But anyway here is a link to more info for any nostalgic nerds out there:

Its due to be released sometime in 2007....