Wednesday, February 28, 2007

would you like to see Harry Potter's penis?

I know your life wouldn't be complete without experiencing this, so I have decided to end your misery and give you this opportunity. Don't worry, if you click on this link you won't see it immediately, just read about it with the opportunity to click on to the photo. I promise.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentines day

I'm so lucky to have my V :)
Even though he hates valentines day, he made it the best ever

i also had fun with M seeing Volver at the Charles, we always have fun and she always always puts me in a good mood.
I tried to tell him that I think Vday is about spending a special day together that is out of the ordinary and focusing on your relationship and love for eachother, not about hallmark cards and crappy overpriced roses that die the next day, or a gross box of Whitmans samplers in the shape of a heart. I hate that it involves all of this pressure and stress and would be happy to just come up with a fun plan to spend the day together doing something special and splitting the costs, no gifts even necessary.

But, he still got me a gift, the perfect gift. :)

I wish I could always feel this happy, and secure, and positive about the future, with regards to our relationship. It seems dangerous, but I don't care!

I didn't use to be like this. Ask anyone. ;)

But, I didn't ever know anyone as wonderful as V

i be an retarded

Quote of the day (at the auto show):

V: I don't know. none of those cars jump out at me except the BMW X3. Maybe I should just get a Mazda Protege!
Me: What do those look like?
V: ........
Me: ?
V: .....That's what *you* drive.....

Its a miracle he hasn't run screaming for the nearest EXIT yet!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hi Mark, I'm Mark. Have you met Mark?

It just struck me today, isn't it weird that there are like hundreds of thousands of people named 'Mark'

Not just Mark, but John, and Mary, and Bill. Its a weird thing we never think about, but why really are there just a handful of common names that just get used over and over again? Its wierd! Like, if we went to an alien planet and met some green bug-eyed creature who introduced himself as Blex. Then went around the room introducing all of the other green bug-eyed creatures as Blex, Gluck, Blex, Yorp, Blex, Gluck, and Yorp.

I don't know if I'm expressing this well but anyway, that's wierd!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

karma police

I was just bragging to my brother about not being sick in a long time, when I came down with something awful that is dragging on for the second week. I'd call it a karmincidence.

This weekend was so busy between moving a
new-sed sectional into my basement, shampooing the carpet of the mud dragged in by moving said couch, washing the cushion covers, cleaning up the house, then Sunday preparing all day for the last-minute superbowl party at my house. It was fun but exhausting! The theme was Mexican so V & I made vegetarian chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, spicy queso and chips, and a big punchbowl full of mexican sangria. Other people brought beer and wine, spicy black bean dip, morroccan lentils, hummus, sandwich rolls, pasta salad, etc. so I guess it wasn't entirely Mexi-themed.

It was pretty fun and the couch worked out great, what a last minute miracle! Didn't watch too much of the superbowl itself, and the commercials were just so-so in my opinion, but I loved the Prince half-time show! How does he still look 26? The man has got to be at least 45 right? Is it because he's a vegetarian? made a deal with the devil? found the fountain of youth? hit the genetic jackpot?

Anyway, good times. And E cleaned up the entire kitchen before leaving, which was sooo awesome to not have to deal with since after the party I was exhausted! Anyway now I am paying the price of not resting at all on the weekend, as my illness has redoubled its efforts to break me down! Feel free to send get well soon gifts and flowers, email me if you need my address.

hehe :P

Friday, February 02, 2007


this kid I know told me a story about how his father said that 100% of his family is decended from white South Africans. Thinking back to all of the stories this person has told me in the past, my mind was thinking, 'there is a 75% chance that is a lie' but having a moment of self control I only said, 'oh, really?'
Nonetheless, I really am not giving this particular child much credit because then he said, 'but, he lies all the time so who knows if its really true'


Thursday, February 01, 2007

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