Friday, May 25, 2007


My friend who is a Vegas-head and goes there about 4 times a year just told me that her group spent $300 total for 4 people to get into a nightclub. Just to get in!! There is no live entertainment, no celebrities, no freebies included. Then they still have to pay for all of the overpriced drinks and tips and everything. Its not newyears eve or anything, it sounds insane to me!! I asked if it was like super cool awesome, and she said, "its just a really big nightclub."


Thursday, May 24, 2007

you know you're old when

You are super annoyed by your new 25 year old neighbor because you can hear her at 2 am out front talking and laughing and cussing with her friends.

oh how I long for the days when everyone in my row was elderly!

never thought I would say this but, I miss Ms. Peacock!

Monday, May 21, 2007

trying to get back in the habit

Well I've fallen off the wagon, the blaggon, the blogwagon.
Ok so if they could invent something that would make you not have to pee or poo ever, like a pill you had to take every day, would you take it?

Went to a tappas party this weekend which had 85% vegetarian options, which is awesome. The best dish of course was the one V made! It was like a 'cooking club' where they have a party once a month or something, with a theme, and everyone makes something new that they have never tried before. Cute idea! We're not in the club, just got invited because it was V's neighbor. One girl was talking about a friend who was having an 80,000 dollar wedding. :-0 !! She also though was talking about a wealthy attendee at her bridal shower and how she thought she might get a mercedes from him as a gift. ??

V said at our wedding he will dress like Elvis and talk into his thumb-microphone- 'uh-one fo' the money, two fo' the show...'

Sunday I went to 6 flags but was sick so couldnt ride ANYTHING! the lines were sooo short.

I'm getting my laptop tomorrow, yay!! I.T. guy suggested I get the most awesomest screen ever, a huge screen as large as my current dual-screen display! I dont know if that will actually happen, but IF IT DOES I am prepared for a company-wide jealousy sh*t storm. :/

Friday, May 04, 2007


(actually playing in the the background is the Dust Brothers)