Thursday, August 31, 2006

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Easy Star Records announced the upcoming release of RADIODREAD, A Complete Reggae Version of Radiohead’s OK COMPUTER.


"So I believe the general consensus is that Radiohead's epic 2 1/2 hour set at this year's Bonnaroo Festival was one of 2006's best shows by the band, if not the best."
"We did this festival called Bonnaroo. We did 2.5 hours. And there's 80,000 people, admittedly they've been smoking the sticky green all day-- probably wouldn't go anywhere anyway. It was just amazing. We played loads of new stuff. We did whole sections of quiet piano songs and it sounds like the most grotesque, self-indulgent nonsense, but it probably is my favourite gig for years and years and years. It was a really mellow evening. Actually it's all being filmed, but we're sitting on it because there's loads of new stuff on it. Because we're mean like that. It will come out eventually." -Thom Yorke

would you like some meat with your meat?

Why are we such a meat-centric nation?
I understand that most americans are raised eating meat and see nothing wrong with it.
HOWEVER, why is it that every dish at every meal, even salads, have to include meat?
Even if I ate meat I think that would be gross and overkill (excuse the pun!).
Also, it *can't* be natural or healthy for our bodies to eat that much animal protein.

The real reason why I am bitching is because after spending hours planning and decorating for a coworker's bridal shower, every single frigging dish brought in or bought by the company has meat in it. Every soup, every salad, casserole, wrap, everything but the chips and cheese tray.
So thats what I get to eat. Brownies, cheese, and potato chips. Oh I think there might be corn, hooray.

Who the heck wants a plate full of fried chicken, baked chicken, meatballs, chicken casserole, taco salad with ground beef taco soup on the side?? Vomit.

Might as well unlock your jaw and swallow a kangaroo.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

articles shmarticles

In a controversial article, Forbes advises: Don't Marry Career Women'

The secret to a long life, 116 years to be precise

Monday, August 28, 2006


I was thinking today back about 8 years ago, when I was still with my ex. He had a cousin who had a son which she didn't want and basically her parents were raising the boy. Aunt Tootsie and Uncle Craig. They were pretty much rednecks, and Craig drank a lot and was a bastard with a mean streak. It seemed the child was unwanted and we heard stories which amounted to what I thought was borderline abuse. I wanted to save him from that environment so badly that I offered to adopt him (me, a 22 yr old mother of 2, still in college!) Boy was I naive, thinking I could afford and/or handle it, but I just figured it was the right thing to do and was willing to make any sacrifices necessary to protect a young innocent helpless child from the terror he must feel, completely at the mercy of the giants looming around him. Well, they weren't eager to give him up, god knows why, and I didn't have the mettle or sophistication to know what else to do about it.

Eventually the police intervened... But only after it was too late.

Several years later it came out that the abuse was worse then we thought, both physical and sexual in nature, and twisted his little mind into a perverse mess which resulted in some animal mutilations among other unspeakable acts, and landed him a permanent spot in a mental institution, and thankfully jail sentences for Craig and Tootsie. Usually I think back about that now and then and feel the weight of responsibility for not trying to do more, I just didn't know how bad it was or what I could do. I don't even spank my kids so any kind of violence against children beyond a few smacks to their rear ends seems excessive to me, but not to most of America. Sometimes I think if I tried harder I could have rescued him, saved his life. Today I was thinking-- thank god it didn't work out, what a mess it would have been when I split up with my ex, and I was ashamed. I don't really blame myself for what happened to him, after all I simply thought that they were uncaring and unwilling caretakers and not the monsters they turned out to be, but I do think I will carry it with me forever.

Friday, August 25, 2006

san diego photos

or click here to see them larger

Thursday, August 24, 2006

everybodys workin *on* the weekend?

If you are bored, here is your slacker material for Friday:

Here are a few highlights, if you are too lazy to click through a bunch of links:

In other news, my friend M is going to grad school, once again I feel like a lazy slacker!

My weekend plans include:
Saturday- take kid 1 to football game, sit through it, help friend move, take kid 2 to football game
Sunday - paint friends house

no rest for the weary. i guess there has to be some payback for taking so much vacation!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

babies babies babies!

Well something must have been in the air about a year ago because lately it seems everyone is having babies! Or maybe that's just what people my age do, procreate. I'm not very up on the 'regular way of doing things' since I have been out of that loop for... well, forever. Here is a photo of my friend Eric, his wife, stepson, and new baby boy, Asa Connally Hamiter, a ten pound cutie-pie.

Eric looks so proud and happy! awesome.

In other news, the best boyfriend ever, we can just call him TBBE for short, took me and the boys to see a play at Toby's dinner theater this weekend, the Buddy Holly story. It was really fun! The best parts of the story were about the racial barriers broken both by music itself and by Buddy not giving a rats ass what other people thought. Did you know that Buddy Holly and the Crickets were the first white band to play at the Apollo Theater in Harlem (booked by accident since they 'sounded like a colored band')? And that, while they were practically booed off stage at the beginning, once they started playing, everyone got into it and color became insignificant? He also didn't care about racial and religious barriers when marrying his wife, a hispanic catholic girl named Maria Elena. This was in the 50's! And, while less historically relevant, I really loved the fact that he didn't let anyone change him or his music. He didn't let the music industry mold him into a product. He refused to sell out, not for a record deal, fame, or fortune. Sublime.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Pretty much the most stressful day of my life.

Trying to catch up on tons of work since I've missed so much work lately, fend off my supervisor who kept asking me if I went to the doctor (I *never* go to the doctor!) and anyway shut up, I haven't taken one sick day all year! And looking like the 6 armed spidey, with a phone in one hand, cellphone in another, fielding multiple calls simultaneously, finding electricians online, making lifechanging decisions, researching contractors, contacting the lender, making arrangements to switch my son's football, trying to pick out a wedding shower gift for my coworker, finding a babysitter for tonight and explaining what needed to be done with regards to the new football arrangements, ordering a free electric pencil sharpener from staples... oh wait, that was superfluous... all at the same time! I am UBER MULTI-TASKER! anyway you get the point. madness. Then, exhausted, I had to attend a 2.5 hr homebuyers class. nightmare! all this while forcing myself not to second-guess my decisions.

must remember to breathe!

Either way, if all goes well, I get the keys on Sept. 18, woohoo!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

chill the F out

Wow. My stomach is killing me and the stress of dealing with house stuff is making things worse! I wish they could just cut me in half from the chest down so I could be an upper torso with no stomach. Wow would that be gory. Just picture it! I could walk around on my hands and my torso would float above the ground like a circus freak. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Or I could go the Eddie Murphy route and use a skateboard. yeah! Extreme Cripple!

They put out a list of the angriest cities.... guess who's number 4!!!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

sherlock holmes

i am incredibly sO siCk.

If you like Kevin Smith, Superman, or funny stories, and have 20 min to kill, watch this.

Monday, August 14, 2006

house madness

I put an offer on a house on Mystic Court and they accepted it. Its owned by a guy I went to high school with! Now I am neck deep in craziness trying to A.) catch up on work after being gone for a week B.) get all of the info needed to my lender C.) sign up for any first time homebuyer program that will give me a grant D.) go to my home inspection tomorrow afternoon E.) not look like I am never at work F.) not panic G.) not second-guess my decision H.) not overanalyze relationship issues I.) keep going to the gym J.) decide when to tell the kids K.) decide if I need to ask for a raise L.) think about everything I need to think about before moving M.) not worry about money N.) Oh I could keep going to the end of the alphabet, but if I do it will be too late to go to the gym.
i am simultaneously all nerves but at the same time, strangely calm.
how is that possible, you may ask?
somehow I am easily capable of being/thinking/believing two completely conflicting things at once. its very odd. As am I.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

afghani heaven

Last night we watched Lords of Dogtown which is based on the true story of how skateboarding became a popular sport and the first superstars of skateboarding, Tony Alba and Stacey Paratha (or something).

then we went out to dinner. we grabbed a bicycle taxi that is like a guy on a bike with a two-person cart behind it, and he rode us to this Afghani restaurant that we scouted out earlier in the day. It was so fun on the bike with the open air and perfect weather, going down the main boulevards of the Gaslamp District! When we got there, we were the only people eating inside, so it was very quaint and romantic having the entire restaurant to ourselves. We split an order of kadu (sautéed pumpkin, topped with yogurt)and an order of sabsi (sautéed spinach cooked with garlic, onions and spices) , which we had with a fresh chutney made of jalapeno peppers, cilantro, lime, walnuts, etc.
It was AMAZING and all new flavors that I had never tasted before, to the tune of traditional Afghani music. So fun. Wish you were here. :P

my friend A is having surgery today, I am scared! I'm sure she will be fine but its also scary. Good Luck A!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

when i die if i go to heaven, the weather will be like this

So, have I mentioned that San Diego has the best weather EVER?

We aren't doing anything super exciting, just walking around and chilling out, eating good food, relaxing. Yesteray we had some awesome vegetarian drunken noodles with fake beef and vegetable red thai curry. It was a religious experience. For the first time in my life, I actually went to the gym at the hotel and worked out. It was awesome, each machine had its own TV on it. At night we met up with my friend Aaron from high school who lives here now in an awesome house that looks like the suburbs but is actually in the city. This is such a nice city, both with regards to the amazing perfect weather, the proximity to the water, and it just has a nice, clean, happy, relaxed feel to it, not gritty and dirty like east coast cities I've been to. I could totally live here.

Monday, August 07, 2006

lovely san diego

where the weather is always beautiful and the restaurants are vegetarian-friendly.
two of the last 3 places we randomly picked had mock-meat substitutes!
the other day I told Cody that I almost ran into a flock of canadian geese.
to which he replied, 'How did you know they were Canadian?'
'Did they say, 'oh, crap, we almost just got hit by a car, 'ey?'

hilarious! yes i am raising geniuses.

Bitchin Camaro

Naked Walker Stopped Along Interstate Says He Was Hot

Friday, August 04, 2006

are you reading my diary???

well no one commented on my boring placeholder-don't-stop-reading-my-blog blogs, but now everyone is like, why arent you blogging?
Ok so here is my blog, though it will be short and sweet because its late and I had a crazy insane busy day. Very productive though!
Ok, in summary, where to begin, ok so my boyfriend planned a trip to Jamaica with his friends and, though i suggested it as an idea, I had a meltdown freakout because it came to represent to me the going-nowhereness of our relationship, and the 'I want to be single and party-ness' side of V which is in opposition to his 'family is the most important thing' motto. At the same time, I found a house that is in a convenient location and that I could live in and that isn't overly expensive (relative to the area!) and was thinking about putting an offer on it - which represents to me 'moving forward with my single life and away from anything serious with V'.

Those two things together caused me to freak out because, I love him and have never loved any man like this before. You can't take something like that lightly or for granted. So, each of us taking those steps away from eachother really upset me. In some ways this whole 'crisis' has brought us much closer together, but in some ways... I feel that, we can pretend that this doesn't mean this and that doesn't mean that, but in the end, well it probably does.

Well, for now, we will pretend away happily in lovey San Diego! suckas!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

For beggars, less is more…

This could be the most shocking story of the year. We can only hope. The “We’re not in Kansas anymore” award goes to India, where a sting operation found doctors apparently agreeing to amputate the healthy limbs of beggars, so they would be more sympathetic.
“Believe me if there are two beggars in front of you and one of them is lame, you will give the money to the lame beggar,” the sting operation recorded one doctor as saying.
Secretly filmed footage apparently shows one of the doctors asking for about $215 to amputate a lower leg. He then suggests chopping off three fingers from a man’s left hand. Here is the story: