Sunday, May 29, 2005

what the??

Charm City on globe's Top 10
A respected travel guide endorses a jewel of the Chesapeake as a world-class attraction for summer visitors.
By Jill Rosen

We're #1, hon!

Anyone who has ever hunted for parking in Little Italy on a balmy Friday night, anyone who has craned to see the Inner Harbor fireworks over the throngs of July Fourth revelers, anyone who has licked a syrupy cold snowball on a hot city street -- they know. Baltimore's got its summertime allures.

But to rank the city one of the Top 10 summer destinations for 2005 in the world -- the whole, entire world -- as Frommer's, the travel guide company, just did? Positioning it up there with Barcelona, Belize and Puerto Rico? A traveler might wonder whether someone at Frommer's had a few too many Natty Bohs.

Read the whole article:,1,4036948.story?page=1&ctrack=1&cset=true&coll=bal-home-headlines

Oh my god, Baltimore stars in Zippy the Pinhead comic! We're famous!

Click here to see it full size!

Friday, May 27, 2005

happy birthday, mo!

Mo: At least I'm not as old as you!
Me: Yes you are
Mo: Oh.

So, I had to go over for an impromptu party at 11:30 last night, just as I was getting ready to hit the sack. But, a dozen donuts, two bags of chips, some beer and a bottle of captain morgans spiced rum and coke later, I was ready for a late night of grown men falling down and girls vomiting on the floor all the way to the bathroom (even though I gave her a trashcan and it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!) That girl was so wasted, no matter what you said to her, she would just smile and give you 'thumbs up'

Sad Kareoke attempt:
"I see a ... mumble*slur* Gallileo, Gallileo... mumble-drool"

that wet spot isn't one of the many drinks she
spilled; she was slowly vomiting up
a little bit at a time into a washcloth. blech.

P.S. I get to leave at 3 today, suckahs!

Why its a bad idea to stay up late on a worknight

Thursday, May 26, 2005

name that band

Guess who I'm going to see in concert:

a correct guess wins you the opportunity to totally jone on me.
(If I already told you, don't guess, but you can still ridicule me if you want)

I know you all wish you were going though, secretly!

? emphysema-bot ?

Darth V doesn't look as intimidating when he's standing in the kitchen.
Make my dinner, b---h!

Ok finally I can say this: Star Wars rocked. It was really good. The first one I hated, the second one I hated slightly less, but this one I actually liked. Episode I made me feel like I was watching Saturday morning cartoons. The kid who played Anakin was terrible, no acting ability whatsoever, and had some atrocious dialogue to boot. The aliens were weak and cartoony, (especially the two headed announcer at the pod race.)

Stupidest looking alien ever

And, don't even get me started on Jar Jar Binks. Worst then having the most irritating voice and mannerisms, I was actually OFFENDED by how much he seemed like the old, uber-racist characterizations of black people ("Yes'suh, no'suh, massuh") Didn't anyone else notice that? So offensive!

"Yessuh, Massuh"

Episode II was better, but still not good. More bad dialogue, wooden acting, and painful-to-watch love scenes between Padme and Anakin.

Well, Episode III is by no means perfect, but way way way better then the first two. It is definitely the darkest of the three. Obi Wan Kenobi was much better in this movie, Jar Jar didn't even have one line in this one, and overall, thankfully, it obviously wasn't pandering to the under 10 crowd. I would say more, including my criticisms, but I don't want to give anything away to those who haven't seen it yet. I did gag during the love scenes though. Those were just awful. I mean I literally made an 'i'm puking' face. "I wish it could be like it was on Naboo, when there was no war and all we had was our love" **dry heaves**

But, overall, definitely go see it.

What I'm really psyched about is there was a preview for the Chronicles of Narnia, it looks like its going to be AWESOME. Not out till December though, arrgh!

Read this if you have ever worked in a restaurant

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

star wars

Ok, well I didn't get that house but maybe I wasn't actually a puppy killer in my last life because today another one came on the market in the same neighborhood, and the agent is getting me in to see it early. Sweet.

In other news, I am STAR WARS BOUND! I am bringing my camera so stay tuned - hopefully there will be a few storm troopers and ugly princess Leias.

The word of the day: BOOBIES.
Quote of the day: Tofutingles says: these aren't the droids you're looking for.
The joke of the day:
Q: what is bruce lee's favorite food?
A: whoppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Q: what is bruce lee's favorite drink?
This one's even worse:
Q: What did Nerd Pirates do in high school?
A: Run the projectarrrrrgghhh

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

going to jump off of a cliff

well, again, I didnt get the house, although I was offering up to 15K more then the asking price, and willing to pay up to 5K extra out of pocket if the house didnt appraise that high. Unbelievable. Oh well, I must have been a puppy killer in my last life, or something.

Monday, May 23, 2005

new OC theme song

radical2you: i forgot to ask you
radical2you: do u have any Imogen Heap
radical2you: i need to check out ur music on ur Ipod
myblurat: that sounds like the noise I make when i am throwing up
radical2you: hehe
radical2you: dude you woud LOVE this song that was on the OC last week!
radical2you: it was by some chick caled Imogen Heap
myblurat: was it like, 'down at the ocean, yeah yeah, life is so hard when you're rich and good looking. oooh yeah, who should I shag, this supermodel or her mom, oooh yeah. yeah yeah, lesbians kissing. ooh yeah, don't push me in the pool cuz I slept with your boyfriend..."

well this sucks

Today was crazy and high stress. I think I only actually accomplished 15 minutes of actual work at work today. I spent all day back and forth with the bank and my real estate agent trying to get a new prequalification letter since mine expired like YESTERDAY. Well, another $100 down the drain. I am pretty stressed about whether or not I will get the house, both worried that I won't get it and that I will for way more money then its worth! There are 8 offers on it total, that is a lot of competition. But, I've lost so many times I'm used to it! More bad news is I agreed to take a half day at work to drive down to Reston again to work on some floorplans, I think its like a test, or else the guy doesn't realize that I have a full time job and live an hour away. But, if it turns into regular freelance work it will be worth it, especially if I get the house and have no money. P.S. Spellchecker suggested I replace "Reston" with "rectum". Who knew spellcheck was so smart! Good thing I was so busy today, or else I'd be a lot more salty about my previously-bragged-about boyfriend not meeting me for lunch! Angie says getting stood up for lunch definitely deserves a necklace to make up for it. What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Now for the exciting news. My ex-boss who left about 6 months ago for a better job, when she left, said the only thing she was sad about is not being able to take me with her, because she digs me and also thinks I am super talented (aw, gawrsh). She promised if a web job ever opens up or she can create one, she will call me and try to get me in. "Just wait for the call, one day it will come" she said. Well, I all but forgot about it when today, the call came! The web chick at her job just gave her notice, and she is totally going to push for me to get this job! So, I don't know if I'll get it or if I'm qualified or anything, but it sure helps to have someone talking you up from the inside! Its in downtown Balt, Charles St. I think, and she said I would DEF be making more money then I am now, that she is going to try to work it into a major career jump for me. WOW. So I am so psyched about the possibility even. Plus, it will look great on my resume since it is a well known company, and, FINALLY, I can have a job that I not only can be artistic in, but also feel like I am contributing to an organization that is making a difference in the world. W00T! Its United Way, by the way. Also, I don't know if I could take advantage of this due to the longer commute, but, they have flex shedules where you can have every other Monday or Friday off!!! yeah! Eat shit Monica and Victor!

My old boss Lisa, sitting next to me.
Thats Kevin on the end.

Well, now I have to do an activity worse then death, worse then dismemberment, worse then watching Meet the Parents, worse then eating blue cheese, worse then getting stood up for lunch by your boyfriend..... I have to ... update my resume! THE HORROR!

But, I decided I want my gravestone DEFINITELY to say, 'Well this sucks'

In case it ever comes up.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

My weekend

Well, I had a pretty awesome weekend. I felt pretty bad on Friday for dissing my former coworkers

Sowwy Kewwy!

whom I was supposed to meet at the Iguana Cantina, but it was late and dark and cold and rainy, and I would have to drive to Bmore by myself, look for parking for a half an hour, possibly wait in line with the striped-shirt crew and their half-shirt-wearing, thong-hanging-out-of-the-back-of-their-pants, barely-old-enough-to-drink-girlfriends, just to hang out for an hour or two and drive back home. But, other then the guilt, everything was copacetic. Saturday I put an offer on a townhouse (AGAIN! click here for a virtual tour:, went for a run, went to a 4 star restaurant called Windows which is part of one of the hotels down at the harbor and had a decadent dinner of spinach fettuchini with noisette sauce, sundried tomatoes, spinach, and oh-so-tender artichoke hearts WOW was it good.

Us at Windows for Karin's B-day dinner

(P.S. more incentive to be vegetarian: my meal was like $20 cheaper then anything else on the menu!) Then drinks outside at Babalu's in the most fabulous weather. Then ------ well, then, a delicious (as usual!) breakfast cooked by Victor starring a mouth-gasm inducing MANGO LASSI home-made and so so delicious. If you've never had one, go to the nearest Indian restaurant and order one immediately!

Then, soccer games in the balmy afternoon sunshine followed by a way too long guitar recital which Cody rocked! He was pretty nervous right before, but once he got up there he was golden. He didn't look worried at all, and played his two pieces flawlessly. YAY Pizza Hut greasy cheese celebration!

simple garden-variety math


this is my sweetie Victor, who is awesome and the best, and bought me flowers at the flower festival in Baltimore.

The Actual Flowers

Did I mention he's the best?
I'm not sure why most guys have such a problem with this simple concept: flowers + no reason x more then once a year = happy girlfriend, and happy girlfriend = happy happiness for everyone. Its not that hard to grasp, they don't cost that much--could it be that the average guy actually *does* understand this concept and just doesn't care enough to do it? Thats crazy to imagine, that is more horrifying then the idea that they just don't know what women want. Not that flowers are all that women want, but its a start!

Here is an exact quote from my friend Angie: "He bought you flowers for no reason? God, I despise you."


P.S. the title of this entry is a play on words, i don't think anyone got it. yes, i am word nerd.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

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