Tuesday, April 29, 2008

passover funsicle

If you know any of the people in these photos, or are just a veuyeristic wierdo or an obsessed fan, click on this link to see the rest of the family photos. Actually I prefer if you fall into the latter categories that you refrain and go get help. Or watch some episodes of 30 Rock online. But stop being creepy.

The photo of Kona was taken on the way home from the Dog Beach which is a small beach at the bay where you can let your dogs run around off leash. Our dogs wouldn't swim, but anyway Kona was so tired after all of that running around that on the way home he was falling asleep standing up (see photo)! So cute!

then you can starrrr to make ee berar

I don't care who you are, this is freaking adorable and if you don't admit it, I'll whack you with a wet noodle.

The good news is, Darwinism will weed them out of the gene pool

So last night my sister showed me a documentary called Guys and Dolls. Its described this way: "For some people finding a partner in life can be difficult.. 10 years ago, a small factory in California began making alternative partners. "

Its about the Real Doll which anyone who listens to that jackass Howard Stern has probably heard of. Basically, lonely guys who can't talk to women, or angry guys who want to have their way with a non-responsive coma girl, or creepy dudes who can get girlfriends but would rather have a harem of coma girls at his sexual disposal, who pay Eight Grand for the opportunity to have their own life-sized realistic woman fully anatomically correct, to pose, photograph with, take advantage of, dress, shop for, put make up on, and have relations with. If you want them to stand up, you hang them on a meat hook by the neck! Does that turn you on as much as it turns me on?

The crazy thing is, these men develop an emotional attachment to their dolls, which they have named, and say things like, 'Its better then being alone' -- DUDE, YOU ARE ALONE!!

So nuts but I wonder what percentage of guys would turn one of those away if it appeared on his doorstep...


Click here to watch the entire documentary on Google video for free

I highly recommend it and give it a heebie-jeebie factor of 9.8

So, are these guys creepy and gross? Sad and poignant?

Are these dolls helping to prevent potential roofie-assisted date-rapes? Or getting in the way of lonely guys forcing themselves to deal with the real world?

Did these guys give up because the world was too harsh? Or because they have an unrealistic, unobtainable image of the perfect fantasy woman that they will never be capable of wooing in reality, and can't imagine settling for someone a little flawed, a real woman?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you spot the penis*

Last weekend I went to a birthday celebration in VA with some old highschool friends. Was real depressing at first listening to everyone compare receeding hairlines and grey hair stories. Was real weird in general just seeing those people 15 yrs later and comparing. I don't think we've changed all that much which is good. Maybe I am in denial though!

*its on the cake. I guess you don't ever *have* to grow up!