Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer lovin, had me a blast-- Summer lovin, happened so fast...

Last week we all went to the Outerbanks to stay at the same huge awesome beachhouse as we did last time. It was a great trip especially for the kids, the week immediately after the last day of school. 5 free days of free beachy free vacation. The gas, even though we went in an old SUV, was only $50 each way! There were 3 other kids around Jake's age, 3 other kids Cody's age, and 2 other dogs for Kona and Dewberry to hang with. So basically, dogs and kids were all in heaven and needed zero entertainment the whole time from us. In fact I barely saw them except when I tracked them down to force them to slather down with sunblock. Its weird not being needed!

We were all enamored of Stu's youngest son Scotland, (even the kids wanted to steal him and bring him home) who so adorably called me 'Chir-lee'. In an amazing feat of magical coaching skills V managed to get 4 kids, 2 of them with ADHD and one of them a toddler, to actually organize into some semblance of an oceanside baseball game. Seriously astounding. I don't know why he doesn't use that passion and talent to actually be a coach.

The exciting part, at least for me as a parent, was the 'young love' going on between my eldest and the teenage girl there who apparantly has had a crush on him. For 4 days they ran around half-clothed (bikinis and swimming trunks) wrestling eachother in the pools and hanging out, probably making out in the wee hours of the morning when all of the adults were asleep! ack! I had to have a talk with him reminding him to make sure to behave like a gentleman. He did NOT want to have that conversation with his MOM! Times like this I feel bad that he doesn't have a man around to deal with that kind of converstation. I'm pretty sure his dad would just encourage him to 'go for it' or something.
The strange double standard is, if the girl was my daughter, I would have been a lot more supervisory and I don't think I would have been happy about her frolicking in a bikini with those boys! But why?

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