Monday, September 29, 2008

Housewarming in the booty-hole

On Saturday we headed down to DC for Jolene's house warming party. I showed up in the EXACT IDENTICAL outfit to my friend that I was meeting there. I mean, everything except the glasses! Kind of embarrassing because it prob looked planned but I guess it shows we both have taste ! or something?? Anyway Joley lives in a SFH in DC with a yard and everything, which I didn't even know existed. It was pretty entertaining. one party-goer told me about her own personal medical mystery (which I love that kind of stuff, I always watch those shows on Discovery Health!), some of the musically inclined guys started playing guitar and singing. Her roomate Tony, who was a riot once he got drunk (singing his own rendition of several songs replacing 'put it in the booty hole' for the normal lyrics) is in a band called the Breakups, who I think are breaking up, ironically. Here is a video - this makes the party look way more like a super drunk-fest (or an irish wake, Snatch-style) than it actually was. I swear. Really.

Welp tonight is the jewish new year, actually a high holy day unlike the american new year which is all about getting loaded and fireworks and making out :P In summary you eat apples dipped in honey to wish for a sweet new year, and if you go to synagogue you get to hear them blow the shofar which is like an animal horn. I have no idea why. but I'd bet a dollar my brother will post the reason in my comments section. In general you are supposed to look at the mistakes of the past year and plan the changes you will make in the new year. Prolly not a bad idea -

Ok so, I just got out of a meeting where my boss was looking at his calendar to schedule the next meeting and goes, 'another damn jewish holiday!'

I have to assume he doesn't know I am jewish.

I usually don't feel like too much of a minority living in a hostile environment so far in this american life, but sometimes reality hits you in the face.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Dandy

I saw the Dandy Warhols, a kind of a fun 80's synth rock band, at the 9:30 club on Monday. It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I like but don't love them so was suprized that I enjoyed the show as much as I did. During some of it I was - transported. Which is cool. It also inspired me to persue getting some earplugs that are designed to let in the sound while filtering and dampening the volume. Man was it loud in there, so bad for your ears which you know never recover from any damage they are exposed to. Some people who have had enough damage always hear a ringing noise. For some, its so bad they would rather be dead. Some insist on having their hearing cut off completely in order to stop the incessant ringing, its THAt bad. I know i sound old but, you gotta protect what you have !

I took these videos at the concert, not sure if it really does them justice but anyway - short clip

longer and different song if you have more time to kill :P

In other news, punk rock turtle says, "I've only fallen in love twice--once with a mirror, and once with a beer bottle."


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So I saw the season premier of 'Heroes' last night, in a slight muscle-relaxer-induced stupor. I have this like, pinched nerve or something, in my back that is making me feel like old people and putting a serious dent in my exercise routine. Bleh.

Anyway, combined with the fact that I forgot a large chunk of the storyline (since its been like a year since I saw the last Heroes episode) and the fact that the story involves so many people, things happening in the past, future, and present, the future changing repeatedly, people coming back from the dead, personality changes, etc., I had trouble feeling invested in the story this time around. But the WORST part was the BLATANT and SHAMELESS ripping off from 'The Fly'. I mean, what happened to Mohinder was like, as close as you can get to a scene-for-scene copy of The Fly without violating some kind of copyright laws. The quiet nerdy scientist so enthused by his newly discovered yet untested scientific breakthrough that he has to try it on himself immediately. Then he is transformed into having super strength, walking around shirtless and buff and excitedly documenting his amazing feelings and newfound abilities, walking up walls and hanging up in the rafters- and then the transformation scene- this was almost the biggest part of the rip-off - identical to the scene where Jeff Goldblum stands in the dim light of his bathroom and peels puss-dripping parts of his body off that are coming loose. I mean, COME ON. You can pilfer a basic idea from another movie, it happens all the time, but to keep it so freaking close to the original that I actually felt like I was watching the Fly? So annoying!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm blogging for the first time in a long time. Doing it from my brand new iPhone !!! I just had my 33rd birthday and for some reason it suddenly feels like I'm officially "not young" any more. Not sure why - maybe because I'm into the middle chunk of my 30's rather then the beginning. Maybe it's because I look in the mirror and know I have lost that magical glow that only comes from youth (or Botox). Oh well it's hard to be too morose when you are cradling this amazing gadget in your palms. This is hands down the coolest gift I have ever received. It has all of these amazing apps like one you can hold up to the radio and it tells you what song is playing or one incredible program called Pandora that allows you to create your own personalized radio station based on analyzing your favorite band and comparing it's attributes against other songs listed in the music genome project. Not to mention Internet and email access anywhere anytime! I am in love. With the man who got it for me! You can't love a mechanical object! Ok who am I kidding I LOVE IT!

Not lookin forward to the first months bill though !

In other news tomorrow I have an office kayaking trip- I guess it's better then working but in general I'm not a huge fan of socializing with coworkers outside of the office. Maybe someone will fall in or something and make it a worthwhile trip!