Monday, May 19, 2008

Operation Octagon

So, I went to my first cage-fighting match. More importantly, a cage fighting match where I knew one of the competitors. Holy moley. So, we get there and get in the short, special, VIP line (not short and special like the bus you used to ride to school, A.S.) and get our special VIP bracelets, and are escorted to our special VIP seats which are right up at the cage, the only things between us and the cage are the paramedics and the judges. So nutty! Sitting on one side of me, my friend who's b/f was not only competing, but the FIRST competitor, quietly freaking out, her nerves all a-jangle. On the other side of me, the dad of one of the younger competitors, also clearly freaking out. I'm freaking out for the both of them. I can't imagine sitting next to someone while they watch their loved-one get the tar beat out of them! Although, I must say I was less worried for my friend's b/f due to the fact that I had seen his opponent, 5'10" and out of shape, vs. Shawn, 6'1" and had been training hard.

Shawn Church

Billy Reynolds

Shawn's fight music comes on- its the theme to the movie 'Halloween'. He comes out of the darkness, looking 100% the part of UFC cage fighter, with his bald head and twisty satan beard.

Next, his competitor arrives, to... a Michael Jackson song? hmmm... odd choice. Looking like, well, some guy at the pool who suddenly found himself at a cage match, Quantum Leap style.

The fight begins- and... ends?? In just 28 seconds, Shawn put the poor guy to sleep using a guillotine choke. Not realizing that the fight was over, thinking it was just that round, I turn my camera off. But, no, they are announcing Shawn as the winner! My friend screams and 'wooooo!'s frantically, her hands shaking. (I didn't even mention the part where at the beginning of the fight she panics, there is no picture on her video camera! Is the lens cap off, I ask her? Oh yeah... haha)

Anyway, while still exciting, I think it was all a bit anti-climatic for us and Shawn who didn't even get to throw one punch, but still exhilirating! Incidentally, the guy next to me who's son was competing also won his match in less then a minute- his competitor who held the belt came out extremely agressively in his revolting speedo, and the other kid just cold-cocked him - his face flew sideways with blood exploding from his mouth (yes we were that close) and he hit the floor, knocked out!!

Anyway, in all it wasn't nearly as disturbing as I thought it would be, violence-wise. I am pretty squeemish towards any real violence usually, but these were very short rounds, and a lot more wrestling then head pounding. Before anyone had a chance to really be pounded the round would be over, and if they were being pounded and not really defending themselves anymore, the match would be over. The only real disturbing round were the girl fighters, I didn't like that at all. Especially since one of them looked all beef-jerky tough and muscly with corn rows, and the other was just some skinny girl with no muscle tone, who subsequently got a pretty good pounding and didn't seem to be able to defend herself at all. Even the audience reacted differently, with uncomfortable laughter rather then excitement.

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Friday, May 09, 2008


Greatest Headline Ever

Well I'm going to a cage match ultimate fighting battle mixed martial arts match next Saturday, ringside seats so I'll actually get blood on me if I'm lucky. AAAA!!! The crazy thing is knowing one of the combatants- I think that's going to make it way more stressfull! Photos to follow, I promise.

In other news, Queenie's in Trouble!!
oh come on, that's awesome and you know it.