Wednesday, January 27, 2010

stealing hours

Lately (thanks to a wonderful certain someone who found a park which is semi-local to my place of employment) I've been spending my lunch break embarking on these fun little mini-hikes. Its so invigorating to be out of my 4-wall prison for a while, getting exercise, fresh air, vitamin D, navigating the uneven terrain amongst the trees and fallen winter leaves in complete and utter peaceful seclusion. There's hardly ever a soul in site save the squirrels, birds, and white-tailed deer. *sigh*

I've tried taking walks during lunch in the past- I know its bad bad bad to sit in one spot in front of a computer for 8 hours barely moving. But, walking up and down the road smelling truck exhaust, and traversing the perimeters of the multitude of square, flat, paved parking lots surrounding my building always felt like a soulless exercise. Like when prisoners get their 'yard time' and, heads down, surrounded by guards with guns, are marched around and around the blacktop within the barbed wire fencing. OK so maybe I've seen too many movies, and really those prisoners are probably out there playing cards and basketball and stuff. But anyway, the point is, it was dreadful and tedious and felt like a chore that I was doing because I had to.

But not this. This feels like an escape, like I stole some time from the day and transported to another day, a Saturday, when my time is mine and I can just go explore the forest on a whim. By the time I'm done walking, I'm tired and happy and ready to go back and sit at my desk. I can't wait until spring when everything starts to turn green!

How did I ever live without this??


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Noam said...

I do something similar. It's called surfing the web.


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